Sparking Student's Imaginations at Capital University

The Holdup

How do you show potential students just how incredible your campus is and how close you are to awesome stuff?

You create a high-energy video, speaker-blowing music, and compile it all into a multi-platform library. Want to show the library where you’ll be cramming for finals? Done. How about what your dorm room would look like after you actually pick after yourself. Got it.  We produced a white-knuckled ride through Capital's campus, quaint Bexley, and downtown Columbus.

The Heist

In order to shoot twenty locations within the timeframe of the project we had to divide and conquer with a process that was systematic and efficient. (aka work smarter not harder.)

The Haul

We are a small team that doesn’t have to wait on the people upstairs to make decisions for us. We make decisions on the fly and get things done. This was the only way for us to meet the deadline, achieve the goals, and honestly, it was kinda cool to get asked by the secret service to stop flying our drones around Columbus (they seriously did because the vice-president came into town during our flights).