We Steal Attention.

The world out there is saturated with messaging—everyone’s shouting louder in a fistfight to win eyes and ears (and dollars). In order to get the focus you deserve, you need bandits.

Look at all the stuff we do

We solve problems. That’s why you’re on this website, right? You have a problem, and yo we’ll solve it, check out our team while the DJ revolves it. (OK that’s all we’re legally allowed to say on that subject.)


We bring the game-changing ideas to the table. The concepts that your competition has never dreamed of. It doesn't just give you an edge, it's an entire cliff.


Customized campaigns that achieve your goals. Gain customers? Increase bottom lines? Potty-train your dog? We create the comprehensive campaign that brings the perspective back to you.


Just a video? A logo? Some copy? How about a photoshoot? We provide the ammo you need to win over the attention you deserve. All killer. No filler.

Our Process: Risk into Reward

We want the same thing you do. We want you to succeed. You succeed, and then guess what? You call us back. That’s why we bake retrospectives into every single project. After each implementation, we  examine what’s working and look for anything that isn’t. What does that mean? It’s a guarantee that we won’t just kick the dust off our feet, skip town, and leave you hanging. If it doesn’t work, we fix it.

So everyone wants solutions, but here’s the thing: we ask our clients to lay it all on the line (like we did in that high school talent show). The safest path is the quickest ticket to being outdated, outsourced, and outdone. We know that risk is scary, but don’t worry. Think of us as your nightlight.

Who We've Worked With

We don’t mean to name drop our client list. But if you keep scrolling, it’s going to happen (you’ve been warned). Not to brag, but we think they’re a pretty big deal. That means we are too by association.

Gravity Bandit is so much fun to work with from beginning to the final product!  They put everyone at ease and comes up with creative ways to keep content fun and relevant for our audience.
Sarah Brown - Manager Brand Experience, Justice

I’ve had the privilege to work closely with Gravity Bandit on a number of commercial video productions.  While they have all the technical skills to create compelling video, they are crafty storytellers, talented musicians, creative copywriters, and excellent at project managing.
Jim Hausfeld, Creative Director, The Ohlmann Group

Gravity Bandit is one of the most creative entities I know – always willing to explore alternative approaches, new ideas, and a deep passion for connecting with people. They have been a pleasure to work with and a key contributor to the organization’s creative talents and designers. .
Peter Jap, Senior Innovation Catalyst, CAS

Gravity Bandit has been an invaluable partner for me as they bring a wealth of ideas, strategy, project management, and flawless execution of projects that keep my clients coming back for more.
Marcus Marter, Operations Director , WowBrands

Gravity Bandit has become a trusted business partner who is able to take my crazy ideas and turn them into something even more crazy that works. They are relentless, creative and consistently delivering the outcomes our company needs.
Mark Foertmeyer, CEO , Foertmeyer And Sons Greenhouse Co

Proof We Are Awesome

We don’t dig one-night stands. Our clients deserve a more meaningful relationship than a one-time project and a half-hearted “we’ll call you.” We’re ready to meet your parents. Too soon? Let’s build something better. Bert and Ernie. Tom and Jerry. When Harry met Sally. You and us.

Let's dance grandma!

We live in a world where a kid from YouTube can reach a bigger audience than the king of pop: a world where you can map out your whole week before you even put on pants (we bet you make all your best decisions without pants). What we’re getting at is this: opportunity has never been greater or more accessible than it is today.

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