Catalyzing Innovative Ideas for CAS

The Holdup

How does the industry leader in chemical research and development reach out to the brightest and best minds the world has?
By the best business card human history has to offer. A website. They asked us to build a recruiting website that captured the atmosphere of all the genius that was happening so that newer geniuses would be interested. Genius on genius action.

The Heist

We spent close to 2 weeks with scientists, chemists, strategists, coders and everybody else you can think of. We documented their processes and their meetings. We found ways to articulate just how important their work was and how exciting it was to be involved with it (see how we said “articulate”, we learned that word from them).

The Haul

The resources and website we built for them provided the tools they needed to approach different organizations and students. The following year, their educational programs, exchange programs, and internships doubled. Yeah, we said doubled.