Columbus Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The Holdup

The folks at Columbus Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery needed content that will introduce potential patients to the friendly surgeons and staff, and educate them about the process of a procedure, from initial consultation through recovery.

They had a need for interviews, footage of the procedures, a building tour, and a commercial. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The Heist

We interviewed each surgeon and shot b-roll footage of consultations and interactions between patients and surgeons and their staff. We joined them in the operating room and filmed a bunch of surgeries for each surgeon  (and only almost threw up once.) We also walked around their new, state of the art building with cameras and got cool shots of the lobby and offices of the CAPS building. Things got real exciting once we introduced drones and gimbals. We threw together an awesome script for and then got some great content and produced an amazing commercial for them.

The Haul

We delivered assets to CAPS that were designed to educate potential patients. We went in and dove headfirst into the procedures so that we could get the footage needed provide educational content for potential patients and showcase how welcoming and supportive the culture of CAPS is.